Scaled Down FUN! Axial Wraith – RC Truck

Scaled Down FUN!  Axial Wraith – RC Truck

If you want to go rock crawling, extreme offroading or just want to have a bit of fun in the dirt, then you can do two things…   either get a 4×4 and head to the bush or scale down your fun and get a remote control 4×4 extreme truck.


AxialWhen scaling down your fun, you can’t go past the Axial Wraith.  Is funnest a word?  If it is then the Wraith is the FUNNEST RC truck I’ve ever played with and I think by looking at the popularity of this truck around the world, it seems that I’m not alone.


One of the best things about these trucks is the accessories available for them.  You can get everything for them.  From bash plates to upgraded suspension, steering arms and hubs, differentials, motors, batteries, controllers, the list just goes on and on.  The range of parts is so extensive that you could spend literally hours just trawling the internet looking for parts and accessories.


The following two videos show two very different uses for what is the best scaled down fun you can have.


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