Lowmead 3 Car Comp 2011

The Lowmead 3 car competition is one of the biggest comp truck events in Queensland and attracted a big field of 45 cars in 2011.  The competition is full on and very fiercely fought.  The idea is simple, there are 3 comp trucks in each team and each team has to get their 3 trucks through each stage in the quickest time possible without incurring any penalties.


There is always plenty of action with rollovers, broken suspension, broken drive-shafts, plenty of launching of trucks out of the gullies and more action than you can poke a stick at.  The stages include typical gully tracks, reversing tests, a man made track that includes some pretty difficult obstacles including a tyre wall,  a night stage and a GPS navigation stage.


The Lowmead event is held on Private property about 125km south of Gladstone and is extremely competitor and spectator friendly.  There was hundreds of spectators at the 2011 event and they were not disappointed.  The night stage was especially popular and was really a sprint stage around a large open field and included a great hill-climb and some hairy sideways action.


There are a bunch of video links below and are well worth a look.  You can also follow what is happening with the event on the Lowmead Facebook Page.



The event results were:
1st- Dis-traction,   1145 points
2nd- Tree Hugging Trio,   1140 points
3rd- Wenches With Winches,   1090 points
4th- Crazy Cruisers,   1065 points
5th- Swamp Donkeez,   915 points
6th- Pumping Fury,   820 points
7th- Total Offroad,   670 points
8th- Summit Racing,   640 points
9th- Tit-a-car,   600 points
10th- Skinny Pedal Racing, (Living on the limiter),   440 points
11th- Jee-Q Racing,   400 points

12th- Allset Racing,   360 points

13th- Skinny Pedal Racing, ( Just Cruisin),   220 points

14th- Viagra Racing Team,   180 points

15th- Plan B Racing,   100 points


The following videos highlight just some of the action. Remember to ‘like’ the video if you’re a 4×4 Comp fan!

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