Audi A3

I know this site is typically four wheel drive related, and the four wheel drives we feature are big and usually travelling off road, but I recently got the opportunity to drive a different kind of four wheel drive vehicle. It was an Audi A6, dual turbo diesel and it was quite an experience. Being 4WD and having traction and stability control, it stuck to the road like glue and was an absolute pleasure to drive. A friend of mine had recently purchased it and we went for a leisurely 50km drive around the outer suburbs of Sydney… Ok, so maybe a little bit more exciting than leisurely!


The Audi A3’s big brother, the Audi A6


So with that trip in mind, I thought I’d check out a few Audi’s more in my price range and found that Audi are due to release a new A3 sedan in late January 2014 and it looks like the new car is quite impressive. With all the typical features you’d expect from an Audi and a whole lot more. It’s expected to have a range of models including both diesel and petrol versions that feature the dual clutch seven speed automatic gearbox.


For the four wheel drive lovers out there, like me, the option of a quattro labelled version of the A3 will surely be a popular choice. The video below gives a bit of an insight into the A3 and what we can expect once it hits the dealers later this month.



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