The 10 Best 4×4 Videos

Have you ever wondered where to find the best 4×4 Videos on the web?  Looking for quality videos from all over the world?  Well look no further!  As producers of quality 4×4 videos ourselves, we are always on the lookout for great 4×4 videos and video channels on YouTube.  Below is what we consider the 10 best 4 wheel drive channels on YouTube and a sample video from a few of their channels.


Firstly, the 4×4 Guys own channel, “On The Dirt”:


The list of our 10 best 4×4 based YouTube channels in no particular order:


10. The master of focus pulls and slow motion – Heavy Metals Concepts, based in the US


9. A Jeep based channel from the USA, Wayalife


8. It’s hard to tell, but this looks like a soviet based channel with some great videos


7. From South Africa we have this channel from Paul Ruschenbaum with some great offroad comps


6. Javi4x4 is a European based channel with some great action comps


5. Busted Knuckle Videos has great offroad comps and other 4×4 videos


4. Dune TV has a variety of offroad videos and a great editing style


3. Right here in Australia we have the very best of 4wding from 4wdTV


2. Some great racing in these videos from Iceland


1. And last but by no means least, MadRam11, some of the most full on machines and full on racing there is


Whilst it doesn’t make our top 10 list just yet, also check out our good mate MadMatt’s channel


And here are a few videos from our top 10 channels:


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